Taormina's Uniqueness

The Taormina community was designed to have the 'look' of a
French Normandy Village. Until recently all of the houses had a 'sameness' -
the rooflines had a curve at the edges, homes showed a gable in the roof, all houses were painted in "earth tone" colors and the oval-shaped lane was lit by provincial style street lamps. In addition, shrubbery and trees were used instead of fences to show property lines.

In fact, the vast majority of Taormina houses, and the community, have that 'look' today.


Click here for some examples of Taormina homes.

Click here for examples of Taormina roof lines.

Click here for some examples of Taormona's street lamps.


Helene Vachet, a Taormina resident and historian, has published a book
about Taormina and its history.
click here to see the book

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