Taormina Historic District
Ojai, California 93023

The City of Ojai’s First Historic District
-by unanimous vote of the Ojai City Council, August 30, 2016-


A fascinating story of a unique spiritual and creative community

The Taormina retirement community was formed in 1967 as the only self-sustaining Theosophical community in the United States, a retirement community for theosophists. The community was designed to simulate a French-Norman village and located adjacent to the Krotona Theosophical Center.

The many Theosophists who lived and studied at Krotona were influential in the development of the Ojai Valley. The Taormina community continues to reflect many of the precepts of its founding philosophy.

Beginning in 1983 the community was no longer restricted to Theosophists and the community, today, reflects the diverse population of Ojai.

* 2017 marks the Taormina community's 50th birthday! *







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