Taormina Historic District



The original intent of the community was to foster a sense of quietude and harmony. While the original CC&Rs (Part 1, Section 2-e) stipulated that the “Exterior color of the stucco of the homes must be in sand color or off-white tones” the acceptable color spectrum has been expanded, now to be defined as “earth tones.” Both the exterior paint color and any shutters must be chosen from the colors presented or a variation thereof. The color blocks below represent a variety of acceptable colors.

All of the colors represented are of paint manufactured during 2012–2015 by the Benjamin Moore Company (Montvale, NJ). Each color is identified by its name and company ID number.

The colors can easily be matched by other manufacturers and paint stores.

(Note: these scanned color blocks may not be accurate representations of the color. Please visit a reputable paint dealer to view the actual color block.)









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